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How do I tell how much gas is left in my gas bottle?


Carefully pour a cup of hot water (using care) down the side of the bottle. The level of the remaining gas will be shown as a line of condensation. If there is no line, wait a moment and feel the cylinder. It will feel cool at the level of gas. If there is no line and no difference in temperature, it is most likely empty.


If you have two gas bottles, it is best if you order your next replacement bottle once the first one has been emptied so you are not left short!


Note: Gas bottles are designed to be full at 80% or just over 3/4. The bottles are oversized so you get the full measure of gas. The unfilled space allows for the natural expansion of the gas during warmer temperatures. This space is referred to as 'ullage'.



How long will my gas bottle last?


Customers often ask this question. The following chart may be used as a rough guide.


Gas Heaters

15MJ Heater

25MJ Heater

Gas Hot Water

16L/Min 125MJ

26L/Min 199MJ

Gas Cooktops

9MJ Burner

2 Hrs/Day

3 Hrs/Day

4 Hrs/Day

73 Days

44 Days

10 Min/Day

105 Days

66 Days

30 Min/Day

489 Days

49 Days

29 Days

20 Min/Day

52 Days

33 Days

60 Min/Day

244 Days

37 Days

22 Days

30 Min/Day

35 Days

22 Days

90 Min/Day

163 Days

*Durations show assumes that you use the appiance on the maximum setting. Gas consumption would be less, and the duration longer on lower settings.

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